At our second APIdays Amsterdam event last month, APIdays Conferences, White Rabbit and Ottspott proudly announced the creation of Apiology, a new joint venture to help enterprises, telco’s, CSP’s and CPaaS providers innovate, collaborate and flourish in the API Economy.

The Apiology founding team combines unique knowledge and experience about the API Economy and the rise of contextual communications through CPaaS and programmable telecoms. The joint venture allows the Apiology team to scale up and out, with more international events covering API’s, CPaaS and programmable telecoms, but also strategy consulting, market research, and go-to-market and business development support for scaleups and innovative telco’s and CSP’s.

APIdays Amsterdam was added to the global series of APIdays events in 2018, with a focus on the use of API’s, CPaaS and programmable telecoms in the communications industry. Because the first event, “API’s, CPaaS and programmable telecoms” was well received by attendees, speakers and sponsors this year the event returned to Amsterdam just 9 months later. “The Rise of Contextual Communications” was 50% bigger than last year’s event, attracting 500 unique visitors over 2 days, and clearly addressing the need to have a conference and networking event for both technical and business sides in the emerging programmable communications industry.

Rob Kurver, CEO of Apiology and Managing Partner of White Rabbit: “I believe that with today’s widespread availability of connectivity, compute power and advanced personal devices, we owe it to ourselves to put people first again. Optimal customer experience, new business models, but also solving our society’s real challenges by combining the strengths of corporates and innovators in new ecosystems. With Apiology, we think we can make a difference.”

Luis Borges Quina, Co-Founder and CEO of Ottspott, adds: “With customers demanding more flexibility to build frictionless customer experiences and some high profile CPaaS providers starting to disrupt the traditional telco and CSP play, there is a lot of innovation happening in the communications industry right now. This provides enormous opportunities for companies willing and able to adapt, and we believe we can help here.”

In the past 6 years, APIdays Conferences has grown from a first meetup to a series of 9 events this year across the globe, with the latest flagship conference in Paris drawing 3000 attendees. Mehdi Medjaoui, Founder of APIdays Conferences, explains why he thinks this is an important step: “Apiology empowers organizations with the true and original meaning of building APIs – making your value exponential by scaling internal implementations, partner integrations, developer and business outreach. APIdays creates this joint venture with White Rabbit and Ottspott to bring the API mindset to the telecom industry, to help those businesses enter fully in the programmable communication era.”

About APIdays

Founded by Mehdi Medjaoui in 2012, over the past 7 years, APIdays has assembled the world’s largest API practitioner community in more than 10 countries, bringing together developers, architects, IT managers, CTOs and business executives. On top of its 9 conferences this year (6 in Europe, 2 in Asia Pacific and 1 in North America), APIdays has release APIscene, the leading independent media platform covering all things API, is publishing a series of reports around the adoption of APIs in different industry verticals and has started a consultancy practice to help companies enter the programmable economy.

About White Rabbit

Founded by Rob Kurver in 2002, White Rabbit has a proven track record of helping scaleups grow, corporates innovate, and ecosystems flourish, by. combination of thinking (strategy, positioning, messaging) and doing (business development, workshops, events). White Rabbit brings 15 years of experience in cloud and cloud communications, and a network of seasoned technology and commercial experts.

About Ottspott

Built by the team behind Apidaze (the CPaaS platform acquired by VoIP Innovations in 2017), Ottspott started as a side project with the vision of providing instant voice connections to collaboration, CRM and Helpdesk business apps. Ottspott Connect, currently in closed beta, allows instant connection from any CPaaS or phone system to popular CRM systems.