With the CPaaS landscape maturing rapidly, UCaaS providers buying or partnering with CPaaS platform providers, and the growing importance of customer experience and employee experience, we’re excited to organise another unique event about the intersection of communications and programming in Amsterdam in 2020.

The focus this year will be on the reinvention of communications, or how APIs are making Communications Smart. We’ll be looking at practical use cases in different industries, the challenges and opportunities for UCaaS providers, Communication Service Providers and Mobile Operators, as well as the changing role of Value Add Resellers and System Integrators. And of course the latest developments from the leading and new CPaaS (technology) providers. If you wish to speak on any of these subjects, please contact us!

And for sponsors who want to make sure they get maximum results this year we offer an early bird discount: 20% off if you sign up before the end 2019. Please contact us for details!